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Finish Your BSN at Labouré

Becker College and Labouré College of Healthcare's agreement ensures a smooth transition so you can finish your RN-BSN.

Transfer your existing coursework and finish only what you need to complete your RN-BSN. A detailed transfer chart is included on this page. You can read the entire agreement between Becker College and Labouré College of Healthcare here. 

Get Started

Getting started is easy!

RN-BSN applicants must hold a current RN license in good standing. The Department of Admissions will verify this through your state licensing agency. 

Accepted students will receive information about the Becker transfer student orientation after acceptance.

Transfer Your Credits

A detailed list of transferrable coursework from Becker to Labouré is available in the tables below. Tables cover core courses, arts and sciences, and electives. For a PDF version of the full agreement and transfer chart, please click here

The following table shows the transferability of core courses:

Becker College

Labouré College of Healthcare

Required Courses with an Equivalent Course at the Receiving Institution Equivalent Courses at Receiving Institution
NURS 3001: Foundations of Baccalaureate Nursing Practice (3) NUR 3110: Professional Nursing Perspectives (3)
NURS 4505: Informatics and Patient Care Technology (3) NUR 3445: Communications and Informatics in Healthcare (3)
NURS 3003: Pharmacokinetics in Nursing Practice (3) NUR 3226: Pathopharmacology (3)
NURS 4002: Community Health Nursing (3) NUR 4235: Population Focused Healthcare (3)
NURS 2103: Health Assessment and Promotion Across the Lifespan (3) NURS 3330: Health Assessment (3)
NURS 4515: Research and Evidence Based Practice in Nursing (3)  
Sub Total Required Credits with Course Equivalents: 18 Sub Total Course Equivalent Credits: 15
Required courses without an Equivalent Course at the Receiving Institution Recognition of Credit at Receiving Institution (if applicable)
NURS 1200: The Nurse as a Scholar and Clinician (3) NUR 4226: Leadership and Management in Healthcare (3)
NUR 3105: Pathophysiology (3) N/A
Sub Total Required Credits without Course Equivalents: 6 Sub Total Recognized Non-Equivalent Course Credits: 3
  Additional Required Courses at the Receiving Institution
  NUR 3660: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (3)
  NUR 4336: Application of Evidence-Based Practice (3)
  SES 4355: Senior Capstone (4)
  Professional Elective (3)
  Sub Total: 13 credits
Elective Courses  
Open Elective (3)  
Sub Total Elective Credits: 3  

The following table shows the transferability of general education requirements:

Becker College Labouré College of Healthcare
MATH 2200: Statistics (3) MAT 3410: Essentials of Statistics (3)
CORE 1500: Managing Change and Navigating Unstructured Problems (3) HUM 3010: Critical Analysis (3)
CORE 3100: Developing and Entrepreneurial Mindset (3) N/A
SOCI 1001: Introduction to Sociology (3) BSN Elective Course (3)
PHIL 3300: Medical Ethics (3) ETH 3210: Ethical Domains and Dilemmas (3)
HUMN 3100: Intercultural Communication (3) SSC 3310: Intercultural Communications (3)
EXSC 3105: Nutrition (3) BSN Elective Course (3)
Sub Total General Education Credits: 21 Sub Total General Education Credits: 18

Below is a summary of the credits required to earn the RN-BSN degree. 

Becker College Labouré College of Healthcare
Full Curriculum Summary Full Curriculum Summary

69 credits from ASN

51 credits from RN to BSN

120 total credits required for degree

71 credits from ASN

49 credits from RN to BSN

120 total credits required for degree


Questions? Contact your admissions counselor or give us a call at (617) 322-3575. 

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees 

Our RN-BSN program is one of the most competitively priced in the region. No hidden fees, or surprises - just exceptional nursing education.

Tuition is based on the number of credits you take each semester. The cost is $350 per credit for all BSN courses, plus the cost of books and supplies. Financial aid can help you pay for your program. As an RN-BSN transfer student from Becker, your application fee is waived. 

Additional fees include: 

  • Matriculation Fee/Admission Deposit: $200
  • Registration fee: $50 per semester
  • Graduation Fee: $250
    • This fee will be charged in the last semester at the college to cover the cost of graduation processing.

All fees are nonrefundable 

Massachusetts requires that all students enrolled in nine or more credits each semester have health insurance. Read more about this requirement.

Looking for scholarship opportunities to help finish out your program? Check out a list of some of the RN-to-BSN scholarships out there