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Labouré Prepares to Launch Spring Ad Campaign

Dear Students:

Labouré College is one of the best kept secrets in Boston. But we don't want Labouré to be a secret any more!

We are launching an advertising campaign this spring, with two goals:

1. To let people know we are here in this beautiful new campus, offering the same great health care education

2. To let Boston-area men know that nursing is not just for women - but an amazing career for anyone who is willing to work hard and care for others.

I need your help:

1. If you are a female student and you have been happy with the program and are looking forward to your career in health care - we want you to go to the KISS108/JAMN studios and record a commercial. Maybe you are a working mother, or decided to go back to school to change your career? Your story could inspire others to do the same.

2. If you are a male nursing student:

Ramiro and Santi would like you to join them on their morning show!! I would also like you to record a commercial for JAMN 94.5.

Ramiro and Santi are inspired by the career paths you all have chosen, and they want to celebrate our students!

Students who have done this in the past have really enjoyed it. Your family and friends will get a kick out of it - and you'll be helping Labouré get the word out.

Please let me know this week if you are interested in participating or would like more information.

Ladies - feel free to nominate one of your male classmates!

Thank you,

Katelyn Dwyer, Director of Communications

Room A315 (mansion 3rd floor) Stop by with any questions.


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