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Care for your future

At Labouré, we're educating the next generation of diverse, compassionate, and highly skilled healthcare professionals that our communities need. 

Your Future in Healthcare

It’s never too early to start your journey toward a healthcare career — or too late to start again.

Jobs in healthcare will grow by 15% through 2029, much faster than other industries. Because healthcare professionals are in demand, jobs in the field offer healthcare workers the kind of pay that can support a family. While individual salaries vary by program, the median salary for healthcare professionals is more than $68,000.

Whether you want to take your current healthcare career to the next level, or are looking to start your first job in the field, we offer the education you need to reach your goals. With experienced faculty, small class sizes, and an innovative curriculum, your opportunities are wide open.

Preparing you for a health career is our sole focus

Labouré specializes in nursing and health education. We’ve been educating healthcare professionals in Massachusetts for nearly 130 years. With connections to the hospitals and healthcare facilities in Greater Boston, we know what it takes to turn an education into a career.

Our programs are designed around what you need (dedicated professors, a flexible schedule, hands-on practice, generous financial aid) and what employers look for (diverse, compassionate, skilled, team-oriented health professionals).

NUR Clinical 2 students with teacher
Instructor teaches with projector

Whether you're taking class on campus or online, our faculty and staff are available and accessible. 

Dedicated faculty

With only around 1500 students, Labouré can give each student individual attention. You’re never “just a number.” Our faculty and staff make sure everyone gets the support they need to be successful, whether they study online or on campus.

Our small class sizes allow for one-on-one time with your instructors and supportive relationships with your classmates.

Motivated students

Labouré students don’t arrive here by accident. They are driven by a passion to care for others, and they inspire us every day.

Our graduates will treat all kinds of patients throughout their careers. We believe that healthcare professionals should mirror the diverse makeup of their patients, because representation leads to better health outcomes. We are proud of how diverse our student body is in terms of background, age, faith, ethnicity, and income level.

Classroom female student raises hand with question

“It’s a good feeling to be part of a school that wants to see you succeed. I’ve been trying to be an RN for so long, so for me to actually finish this will mean, ‘OK you finally finished that goal that you’ve been working toward. Now just keep going!'”

— Erica Depina '20

Flexible Schedule

Most of our students are commuting adults with busy lives. Our programs are designed to meet your personal needs while fitting around the demands of working and caring for your family.

Because your time is valuable, you can choose programs offered online, on-campus, or a combination. And with the option of day or evening classes, it’s easy to find one that fits your schedule. 

Student on laptop wide
Students and instructor in SIM lab in PPE2

Students learn in the skills lab during the Fall 2020 semester in full personal protective equipment during the COVID pandemic. 

Innovative, hands-on learning

All of our faculty are experienced clinicians who can prepare you to enter your first job, or start a new one, with confidence.

Our students learn to use healthcare equipment and technology in our leading-edge simulation labs. They refine their skills and gain real-world experience through clinical placements at Boston’s top hospitals and health clinics.

Classroom female student looking at papers
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Financial aid

Worried about costs? We believe that no admitted student should hesitate to study here because of financial concerns. Our financial aid counselors will do all they can to make a Labouré education affordable. We can help you find ways to pay for your degree through grants, scholarships, and loans.

Contact our Financial Aid counselors
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She understood the pressure that we were under, and that's invaluable.

Manuela Mumbi, Class of 2016

“I like that you go at your own pace; you can take a semester off to work if you needed to. I took summer classes, and that speeds it up... it helps to pace yourself better if you have to work or if you have a child.”

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At Labouré, I'm getting tools to directly do a job.

Jake Uminski, Class of 2017

“As luck would have it, Labouré opened their first [IONM] course while I was looking... A month enrolled into the course, I was employed." 

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Labouré students are always the strongest, clinically.

Melissa Osias, Class of 2017

“Even kids I've talked to that go to big name schools in Massachusetts are like, 'Wow, you really get to spend that much time in hospitals?' It's great to get that hands-on experience and ... beats just sitting in a classroom." 

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Reebok Honors Suki Stiles '13 as Real-Life Wonder Woman

Suki Stiles, Class of 2013, is one of six nurses featured in a video by Reebok honoring real-life wonder women by highlighting nurses working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Labouré Ranked #2 by Newsweek for Highest Paid Associate Degree

Labouré College of Healthcare was recently ranked #2 in Newsweek's list of highest paid associate degrees nationwide. 

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President Hsu named one of the top most influential people of color in higher education

The honor came from Get Konnected!. President Hsu participated in a robust conversation with area college presidents about the past, present, and future of diversity and inclusion in higher education.