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Care for thousands

One nurse can care for 45,000 patients over the course of their career. That care extends to the patient, the patient's family, and the community.  That's hundreds of thousands of lives touched by the care of a single nurse. 

Nurse Impact Night

The impact of a nurse is limitless.

The men and women who devote themselves to our wellbeing don't seek the spotlight - but they deserve our gratitude now more than ever. 

Labouré's Nurse Impact Night is a virtual celebration of the immeasurable impact nurses have on their patients, their families, and their communities. 

Thanks to you, Nurse Impact Night in January 2021 was a success!

Nurse Impact Night raised just over $250,000 -- 100% of which goes to student scholarships. 

Did you miss the event? Check it out below!

Nurse Impact Night 1.21.21

Your Impact

Thanks to you, Nurse Impact Night in January was a success!

Nurse Impact Night raised just over $250,000 -- 100% of which goes to student scholarships. 

Nurse Impact Night 1.21.21:
Featured Nurses

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Dr. Muriana Jeanniton

Dr. Jeanniton, DNP, CNP, PMHNP-BC, '06 serves as a Major and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in the US Army Medical Department Unit 883rd Combat Operational Stress Control. In 2020, she was deployed to the Javitz Center in New York City for COVID relief efforts. She is currently the owner of her own practice, Beautiful Mind Psychiatric Mental Health Services.
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Dr. Monica Staples & Julia Shea

In her previous position as a Nurse Specialist with the National Disaster Medical System, Dr. Monica Staples, DNP, RN '05 worked with some of the first COVID-positive patients in the US and was part of a team that set up COVID hotels in some of the hardest hit Boston communities. Meanwhile, her mother Julia, RN '05 was called out of retirement to develop a serious illness conversation program, contacting patients to discuss their wishes.

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Jim Duane

Jim Duane, RN '06 became a nurse after leaving the priesthood and marrying his wife. His nursing career was focused on the homeless population at the Pine Street Clinic and Boston Health Care for the Homeless’ New England Center and Home for Veterans. Jim describes nursing as profound and holy work.
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Carole Doherty

Carole Doherty, RN graduated from Labouré in 1984, completing her nursing degree as a single mother to six children. She carried on a fulfilling career as a nurse at the Little House Health Center in Dorchester and was beloved by all who knew her. Sadly, she passed from COVID-19 in May of 2020.
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Georgia Nuahn

Georgia Nuahn, RN '19 immigrated to the U.S. from Liberia when she was sixteen. A single mom of three, Georgia attended Labouré while working as a CNA for Boston Medical Center. Her time at BMC showed her the importance of a diverse healthcare workforce, as she saw firsthand the varying needs of the Boston population. Georgia currently works at the Carlyle House, a senior living facility in Framingham. She loves caring for the elder population.
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Marissa Freedman

A new nurse, Marissa Freedman, RN '20 has worked for over a decade for Boston Children's Hospital in an administrative capacity. Her goal is to open pediatric hospice homes for children with terminal illness.

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Oluwadamilola "Lola" Adeyemi

Oluwadamilola "Lola" Adeyemi, RN '21 is a new nurse, graduated from Labouré College of Healthcare in August 2020. She is a young mother and immigrant from Nigeria who is working to ultimately become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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Dara McMahon

Dara McMahon, '21 is a student and single mother of two children currently working toward her Associate Degree in Nursing at Labouré College of Healthcare. She is graduating this spring.

Help support Boston's future nurses

Nurse Impact Night also helps us raise awareness and support for our Fund a Future Nurse campaign, which provides annual scholarships to nursing students who are doing well academically, but struggling financially. These deserving future nurses show the resiliency, work ethic, and drive that is the hallmark of exceptional caregivers. 

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Massachusetts Care Awards

Past honorees

In 2015, 2016 and 2017, the College organized the Massachusetts Care Awards, an event that recognized honorees in several healthcare careers in addition to nursing, celebrating the heroes who quietly care for us and our loved ones everyday.

In June 2022, the awards will resume as the Labouré Care Awards. 

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