Pay it Forward Scholarship Initiative

On average, a nurse can treat almost 40,000 patients in her career. That’s 40,000 times she will use what she has learned here at Labouré to care for someone in need. Help her pay it forward to her family, her community, and the thousands of patients she will care for.

Why? At Labouré College, we believe that anyone with the desire to care for others should be supported in reaching their goals - not held back simply because they cannot afford it. The Pay it Forward Health Care Scholarship Initiative will ensure that dedicated students complete their education and pay it forward by caring for tens of thousands of patients in the Greater Boston area.

Who you will help The Labouré student is not a traditional college student. Many are raising families, working, or caring for elderly parents. Nearly all of them require financial assistance. Each year, Labouré loses students because of unmet financial need. Your donation will go directly to students who are in good academic standing, have exhausted all financial aid and loan options, and still can not afford their tuition payment.

Labouré College gives under-served students the dignity of supporting themselves and their families
in meaningful and necessary occupations. We know that the investment in these students is worth
every penny because what cannot be taught is already there: compassion and a true calling to care for others.

Will you donate today, in any amount, to help a student reach her goal of a career in caring for others?

YES, I want to Pay It Forward!

“At age 18, alone and pregnant, I thought my life had been mapped out for me. I thought I was about to follow the path of many minority, inner city girls and never develop or pursue my dreams. 

Early on my son suffered from serious health issues. Feeling helpless, watching him suffer, I knew the only way I could help him was by educating myself. I wanted knowledge; I wanted to help my son by being his advocate and so I began to research on my own. I researched different medications and alternative treatments. I was determined to do the best for my son.

I worked as a lab technician while raising two sons on my own while attending Labouré. Working full time to support my family slowed the process of reaching my dream to become a nurse. But for me, giving up was not an option, and I became a nurse!”

- Amber Auger, Class of 2012
ER Nurse, North Shore Medical Center

Questions? Contact the Advancement Team

The Office of Institutional Advancement exists to serve as a conduit between donors and friends who are passionate about healthcare and education and the opportunities to impact the patients and organizations our students will serve. There are many different ways in which you can help. Our knowledgeable staff will speak to you individually about sponsorship, naming opportunities, family trusts, tax advantages and planned giving. We also welcome volunteers for events and special initiatives.

Catherine Philbin
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
(617) 322-3505

Tramaine Weekes
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
(617) 322-3522

Susan Purdy
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Institutional Advancement