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Healthcare Administration
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Bachelor of Science
in Healthcare Administration

Take the next step toward a leadership or management position in healthcare in less than two years.


A growing industry

The healthcare workforce is expected to increase by 15% over the next 8 years. Pathways within the industry are limitless - and don't all require hands-on clinical patient care. Personally and financially rewarding jobs are available in management and administration, as well. 

Labouré offers a wide variety of elective options within the degree. Whether you choose a broad range of options or a few electives in a particular topic area, your elective selections allow you to pursue an area of healthcare administration that interests you. 

The demand for medical and health service managers is projected to grow 32% from 2021 - 2031, with a current average salary of $101,340 yearly.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Elective Options

Elective options are a great way to explore an area of healthcare administration that interests you.
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Choose Your Area of Interest

Healthcare administrations play a role in transforming quality of care within medical organizations. As globalization becomes the standard for all industries, healthcare administrators must be able to effectively manage the challenges of global health inequities and social determinants of care.

You can select a range of elective courses that focus on global health and health disparities, community and behavioral health, nutrition, and complementary alternative medicine. 

You may also decide to select electives in long-term care or elder care. Aging adults are the fastest growing patient population, with elder care making up a significant portion of the US healthcare system. 


Earn a Credential 

If you're interested in earning credentials in practice management, you can select a variety of courses that cover the domains required to qualify for the following post-graduate credentialing exams: 

  • Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM) through AAPC
  • Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) through MGMA
  • Certified Medical Manager (CMM) through PAHCOM

Practice managers must be able to effectively communicate with physicians, health insurance representatives, and other healthcare professionals. You can strengthen your analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving skills to find creative solutions to solve various administrative issues that can arise in a healthcare practice through a variety of practice management focused electives.  

“Healthcare is evolving. The U.S. patient population is aging, diversifying, and growing. Labouré’s program in healthcare administration prepares graduates to manage the healthcare teams and organizations that will care for this population.”

Bill McGinley CNHA, CAS, CALA, FACHCA EMERITUS, American College of Health Care Administrators (CEO, retired); Labouré board member

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