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For working nurses

With 100% online classes, you can feel confident you'll be able to balance work, school, and your other commitments.

Nursing: RN-BSN

Ranked #5 in best RN-to-BSN programs in the US by RegisteredNursing.org
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You're already a great nurse; a bachelor's degree in nursing can open even more doors. 

  • This program is for Registered Nurses looking to earn their Bachelor's degree
  • Classes run for 7 weeks and are 100% online
  • Choose from six different start dates, and finish within 16 months (or less!)
  • Transfer up to 90 credits from prior college coursework
  • One of the lowest priced online RN-BSN programs at just $375 per credit

Why get a BSN?

Today, many hospitals and healthcare organizations are primarily hiring nurses who have a BSN. 

When you get a BSN, it puts you on track for future leadership opportunities, career growth, and a higher salary. Nurses with a BSN earn on average 22% more per year than RNs with an associate-level education. 

Some job titles you may be eligible for with a BSN include: 

  • Nursing director
  • Nurse educator
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Clinical nurse manager

A BSN may also be the way to go if you want to work in a specialized area, like oncology or physical rehabilitation.

See how a BSN compares to an RN. 

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Online format, personalized experience

You'll find lots of ways to connect with your professors and fellow students online. In fact, our students say they often get more personalized attention online.

Many professors know their online students better than their face-to-face students because they communicate often by email, on discussion boards, and in live online class meetings.

Is online right for you? If you’re self-motivated and comfortable reaching out to professors, an online program may be a good fit for you. Time management is important too.

Beyond that, you should feel comfortable reading and doing research on the Web, using computer software, and using online communication tools. You’ll also need to have reliable Internet access and certain required hardware and software.

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BSN Stats
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of BSN nurses have a job offer within 6 months of graduation

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job vacancies that RNs with a BSN degree qualify for

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Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 7 percent from 2019 to 2029 (BLS)

RN-BSN Testimonial
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Vanessa, RN '15, BSN '17

Vanessa's first job as an RN was during the night shift. With the flexibility of the BSN program, she was able to complete her BSN on her own schedule. The BSN program is now 100% online, meaning it's even more flexible!

News and Stories
34 Awesome RN to BSN Scholarships

We've gotten your scholarship search started with a list of scholarships for RN-BSN students. Check back each semester for an updated list.

Rosemarie Valcin-Anderso headshot photo
Keeping the faith

Rosemarie's Catholic upbringing and born-again Christian faith informs her nursing care allowing her to connect with patients on a deeper level. 

More information

There is a mentor experience in the last professional course of your RN-BSN program, though it is a very different experience from that of your clinical in an ASN program.

This mentor experience in your final semester will allow you to work with a nurse mentor based on your area of interest in nursing.

Yes! Labouré is a partner in MassTransfer for graduates of a Massachusetts Community College. The partnership is an agreement for transfer between Community Colleges and Private Colleges in Massachusetts and provides seamless transfer of your associate degree to a bachelor’s degree program. Admissions criteria must be met for each program as outlined on the Labouré College of Healthcare website and the MassTransfer website (https://www.mass.edu/ma-guarantee).

The purpose of the Labouré College of Healthcare RN-BSN Nursing Program is to move the associate degree nurses beyond basic nursing skills to advanced pathophysiology, critical thinking, leadership and management, and evidence-based practice research skills. The program prepares registered nurses for a generalist professional practice in a variety of setting and provides graduates with a foundation for graduate study and life-long learning. 

By completion of the BSN program, the graduate will be able to: 

1. Synthesize knowledge from a broad-based liberal arts and sciences core curriculum with nursing science to generate innovative and valid clinical decisions. 

2. Recognize basic organization models and exhibit a potential for leadership and quality care within the present-day healthcare arena. 

3. Cultivate values, beliefs and practices which embody a framework for implementation of evidence-based practice and scholarship. 

4. Incorporate the use of communication and informatics to broaden the scope of clinical practice and critical thinking. 

5. Participate in the sociopolitical process that affects nursing practice. 

6. Examine concepts of individual and population health initiatives for the promotion of health and prevention of disease across the lifespan. 

7. Engage in professionalism, leadership and management skills to promote collaboration and to cultivate a safe and caring environment. 

The RN-BSN program utilizes the 2008 Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice as the organizing framework for the program. You can view the program handbook here. 

Program Completion: At least 70% of the students admitted will graduate within 150% of the time of the stated program length beginning with the enrollment in the RN-BSN program. 

Overall Graduation Rates: Baccalaureate Program (RN-BSN) for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018

  Entry Year Semester Graduation Percentage
2015 2009 Spring 0%
2009 Summer 0%
2009 Fall 82%
    Total 82%
2016 2010 Spring 100%
2010 Summer 100%
2010 Fall 50%
    Total 69%
2017 2011 Spring 0%
2011 Summer 0%
2011 Fall 93%
    Total 93%
2018 2012 Spring 88%
2012 Summer 75%
2012 Fall 75%
    Total 80%
Totals     81%


Job Placement Rates: At least 80% of the graduates will be employed at the time of the completion of the RN-BSN program. 

Academic Year Employment rate done at the time of program completion
2014 - 2015 100%
2015 - 2016 100%
2016 - 2017 100%
2017 - 2018 100%
2018 - 2019 100%


Program Satisfaction: A mean of at least 4 out of a 1 - 7 point Likert scale for graduates responding to the graduate survey distributed within one year after graduation will indicate overall satisfaction with the program and preparation as a nurse according to core competencies. 

Academic Year Overall Satisfaction Overall Program Effectiveness
2014 - 2015 5.78 6.02
2015 - 2016 5.18 5.43
2016 - 2017 5.67 5.84
2017 - 2018 5.82 6.08
2018 - 2019 5.96 5.92



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You'll be able to download our program info sheet and receive an email from our Admissions team with information about the admissions process, tuition, courses, and more.