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Coming back

Labouré is bringing employees, students, visitors, and prospective students back to campus safely according to the college's Return to Campus plan. The plan allows some on campus instruction and services for Fall 2021, and will increase on-campus headcount, activities, and resources as it becomes safe to do so. 

Returning to campus safely

Summer 2022

The college is welcoming back faculty, staff, students, and visitors to campus in a coordinated process that includes appropriate health and safety measures. 

During the Summer 2022 semester, students, faculty and staff in campus-based and hybrid programs will be participating in on-campus activities. These individuals will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to arrival on campus, and if symptoms or potential exposures are reported, will be required to get tested for COVID-19.

The Summer semester runs from May 16 - August 26.  The chart below will show the number of positive tests biweekly along with a running semester tally over Summer 2022.

Masks are required on campus at all times unless actively eating or drinking through June 7th. Beginning June 8, 2022, the campus will be mask-friendly. Mask-friendly means that face masks will be optional in the classroom and around campus, except in the campus labs. Masks will continue to be required in the campus labs in accordance with the healthcare industry standard. 

Information for Current Students can be found here. 

Information for Prospective Students and Visitors can be found here. 

Positive Tests Reported June 13 - June 26
Number of Positive Tests
Total Positive Tests Reported to Date during Summer 2022
Number of Positive Tests

About testing at Labouré:

Labouré College of Healthcare is a commuter campus with no residence halls. The need for testing is assessed daily through a symptom check for those who plan to come to campus. All persons coming to campus must receive clearance to enter campus via the daily symptom check.

This symptom check is completed by all persons each day before coming to campus. If symptoms are reported, the person does not receive clearance to come to campus, and is required to get tested for COVID-19. If the test is positive, the person is denied access to campus until appropriate quarantine/isolation time has elapsed.

Labouré College of Healthcare has an agreement with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, an FDA CLIA-certified laboratory, to test symptomatic individuals.