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It's our calling

Regardless of which program you enroll in at Labouré, you will find yourself in a community of individuals just like you - dedicated, compassionate, and called to a career in caring for others. 

About Labouré

Educating the women and men who will care for us all.

Each year, Labouré graduates the most nurses of any school in Massachusetts. 

Since 1892, nearly 10,000 of our nurses and healthcare professionals have gone to work caring for patients in Boston and around the globe. 

Our students are local adults who are resilient, mature, and compassionate. Many have been called to a career in healthcare through personal experience, tragedy, or adversity. 

Over their careers, each of these dedicated caregivers will work with tens of thousands or patients. That's hundreds of millions of lives touched by Labouré graduates. 

Every day, they live out the values of our namesake, St. Catherine Labouré, by bringing dignity, compassion, and empathy to the people entrusted to their care. 

Labouré College of Healthcare is a private, non-profit 501 c(3).

Our students at a glance
group 1 - blue shield

students are enrolled across all Labouré programs

briefcase - blue shield-1

of our students are working while earning their degree or certificate

student - blue shield

is the average age of our students, who are busy adults juggling work, school, and other responsibilities


of our nursing students are people of color, mirroring the patient population of Greater Boston

family 1 - blue shield

of our students are raising children while attending school

baby - blue shield

of our students are single parents

Student nurse with stethoscope taking vitals

Student nurses learn to take vitals on each other in the first level of nursing clinical instruction. Practicing with your classmates is a low-stress learning experience that builds both technical skills and communication skills.

A diverse healthcare workforce

Our graduates mirror the patient population of Greater Boston. They live and work in our communities. Many speak multiple languages. They are motivated to provide for their families while caring for others. 

We know that disparities in healthcare persist despite growing awareness of the problem. When a patient receives care from someone who looks like them and understands them, they develop trust - and care improves. 

Representation in healthcare is one of the most significant ways in which to fight disparities and build equity. It is central to Labouré's primary mission: to build the modern workforce of diverse, highly skilled healthcare professionals that our world - and our community - desperately needs. 

Isiah P reverse

“We will be the healthcare professionals caring for our communities."

Isiah Pruitt, RN `20

Milton, MA


“I want to make a difference in helping to improve our healthcare system for everyone.”

Lorayne Antonio, RN `19

West Roxbury, MA


“Nurses see the positive in a lot of negative situations. Being able to help someone is amazing.”

Orla McDonagh, BSN, RN ‘19

Dorchester, MA


Suki Stiles, ‘13

Suki Stiles, Class of 2013, is one of six nurses featured in a video by Reebok honoring real-life wonder women by highlighting nurses working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Boston-based brand's new collection - Reebok x WONDER WOMAN 84™- shines a spotlight on the healthcare professionals who have spent the last six months risking their own lives to save their patients.

Read Suki's Story
Pinning 2021 - 2

Graduates celebrated pinning with family photos on campus in spring 2021. 

Leading the way

Healthcare is constantly evolving; so is Labouré and our academic programs. 

We know that Massachusetts faces a critical shortage of nurses and healthcare professionals. Labouré is uniquely qualified to meet this need. 

We are the largest educator of nurses in the Boston area, dating all the way back to 1892. At the same time, we are at the leading edge of healthcare technology, preparing students for emerging careers - some which may not even exist yet. 

Our faculty are nimble and well respected in their fields, and we have a successful track record of quickly creating academic programs in response to the demands of the healthcare industry. 

We continue to maintain successful partnerships with workforce development organizations, major Boston hospitals, and top-tier healthcare facilities around the US. These relationships allow us to offer clinical placements that help our students build the skills that are most in demand now, and in the decades to come. 

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Nurse Impact: Labouré College

A brand new nurse, Marissa has worked for over a decade for Boston Children's Hospital in an administrative capacity. Her goal is to open pediatric hospice homes for children with terminal illness.

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