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Future nurses

Labouré is training the next generation of healthcare workers - these are the men and women who will one day care for us. 

Our Impact

The Boston area needs more skilled, highly trained, and compassionate healthcare professionals. We are up to the task.

Each year, Labouré graduates the largest number of nurses in Massachusetts. Our students are local adults who are resilient, mature, and compassionate. They have experienced life - many have been called to become a nurse through tragedy or personal experience. They are rooted in our Boston communities and they stay to serve our communities.

 These are the men and women who will one day care for us.

Georgia Graduation

Georgia, a single mom of 3 (pictured with stole) completed the ASN while working and raising her children. 

Transforming lives

A Labouré education is a pathway to financial security for the majority of our students. A healthcare degree breaks the cycle of poverty and changes the trajectory of their lives, and the lives of their children. 

Over the span of their careers, Labouré graduates go on to care for thousands of patients in the communities they serve. 

In truth, the impact of our graduates is limitless.

Transformative education

When you support our students, you foster the professional advancement, economic independence, and personal empowerment of women and men ready to go to work building a healthier future. 

Our students enter Labouré juggling family responsibilities and school while trying to make ends meet. In contrast, a Boston-area nurse earns an average salary of $68,500 - a family-sustaining wage that can make all the difference for our graduates. 

Graduation, woman with child
Our Nursing Students
money (coin) in hand - blue shield

The average unmet need per student, per semester is $6,000 after financial aid has been exhausted.

family 2 - blue shield

Our students have an average household income of $44,887 while enrolled in school. The average size of that household is 3 people. 

piggy bank - blue shield

The average salary of a Boston area nurse - $68,500 per year - is a family sustaining salary. 


On the community


of our students are raising children while attending school


31% are single parents


of our nursing students are people of color, mirroring the patient population of Greater Boston and the communities we serve


are at or approaching the poverty line


are working while earning their degree

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