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For Veterans

Labouré College of Healthcare is committed to assisting U.S. military veterans achieve their educational and professional goals.

Whether you are a prospective student who has completed your service or a returning student whose education was interrupted by military service, Labouré’s staff members are prepared to guide you through the enrollment process.

The College has created an environment that encourages veterans and their families to explore their available educational benefits as well as all transfer opportunities at Labouré.

To further assist our veterans, the College waives the admissions application fee.

Labouré College of Healthcare refrains from high-pressure recruitment tactics for all students, including Service members, which is defined as making three or more unsolicited contacts. Further, the institution refrains from engaging in same-day recruitment and registration for all students. Service members are directed to receive approval from their ESO, military counselor, or Service department prior to enrolling in classes at Labouré College of Healthcare.

If you are prospective student, please contact Admissions at (617)977-6591, or email admissions@laboure.edu. If you are current or returning student, please contact Amy Johnston, Registrar, at (617)322-3517, or registrar@laboure.edu.

Thank you for your service.


Video reel


Meet Flor: Captain in the US Air Force

Flor graduated from the Associate of Science in Nursing at Labouré in 2009.