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Campus Security

Labouré College of Healthcare is committed to keeping our students safe.

Campus security data for Labouré College of Healthcare is available on the Campus Security Statistics website. Once on the site, click "Get Data for One School", type in Labouré College, and click continue. 

Information on campus policies, procedures, and student resources can be found in the Annual Safety & Security Report.

All incidents and accidents that occur involving students, employees, or visitors must be reported to the Office of Public Safety (C115) located at the rear entrance of the College. Incident reporting forms are available at the Office of Public Safety or Office of Human Resources and Compliance (A106). 

Randall Coulanges is our Public Safety Manager under the management of SSC Management. A Public Safety staff member can be reached during posted building hours at (617) 322-3571. Outside of normal business hours, you can email CARE@laboure.edu.

In the event of a medical emergency or fire, students should dial 911 for assistance.