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Transfer Credit

Transfer credits are reviewed for associate and bachelor's degree programs, and may help you finish your program faster.

For incoming students, an official transfer credit evaluation will be completed - if requested - after an incoming student's enrollment deposit has been received. If you're eligible for VA benefits, you should email registrar@laboure.edu to discuss transfer credit before submitting your enrollment deposit. 

To receive an unofficial transfer credit evaluation before submitting a deposit, please contact admissions@laboure.edu. Transfer credit is not available for certificate programs. 

Courses considered for transfer credit must be equivalent to those offered at Labouré in terms of nature, content, level, and number of credits earned. Transfer credits are awarded only for courses completed at an accredited college/university.

For a complete overview of the transfer credit policy, please review the College Catalog.

Transfer Credit By Program Level

Certificate Programs
Associate of Science Programs
Bachelor of Science Programs

Other Types of Transfer Credit

Credit via DSST Exams (formerly DANTES)
Credit for College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Residency Requirement

To be awarded a bachelor's degree or an associate degree, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Labouré College of Healthcare, regardless of the number of transfer credits awarded.