Class of 2017: Support the Labouré You Want to See!

Each year, a new class of graduates set out to make new contributions in the world. It is a tradition for each class to leave a gift behind to enhance the Labouré experience for future generations.

The years spent at Labouré will be some of the most influential of your lives - thanks to all of the opportunities afforded to you in part by the generations of Labouré alumni and friends who believed in supporting future Labouré alumni. Now, you have the opportunity to leave a legacy so future classes can benefit as you did.

How can you participate?

Add your name to the list of graduates by making a gift of $20.17 in honor of your upcoming graduation. Your gift also creates a pledge to support Labouré with $20.17 for the next three years in honor of your class. All supporters will receive a special BLUE recognition tassel to wear at Commencement as you start your experience as a Graduate of the Last Decade (the GOLD alumni)! Members wearing a tassel will also be recognized at the commencement ceremony.

Make your gift today to your department, scholarship, or any other area about which you are passionate. Just choose your gift designation from the dropdown menu on the donation page. 

The last day to make your gift and pick up your tassel is Thursday, May 4, 2017.

Tassels will be available for pick-up the week of May 1 at the Alumni Office (A202) between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, as well at the Senior Dinner and prior to the Pinning Ceremony.)

We hope that by giving back, we will help to shape future Labouré students and their experiences. Thank you for your support.

See you on May 6!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give? Doesn't my tuition cover everything?

Not completely! Many students feel this way. The truth is, only a portion of the annual budget comes from tuition. The remaining revenue must be generated through the loyal support of alumni, friends, parents and STUDENTS.

I can't give a lot of money. My gift won't matter, will it?

While we encourage your class to make gifts of $20.17 to honor their graduation year, what really matters is participation. Imagine - if every graduate makes a $20.17 contribution, the Class of 2017 will have raised nearly $5000 for Labouré programs, departments, activities and facilities. Remember, when you give, others are inspired by your example and give as well.

So where will my gift to Labouré go?

You decide! As a donor, you can designate your gift to your passions—and with different designations around campus, it's easy to give to the part of the College that you want to impact.

How can I designate my gift?

To designate your gift, just choose your gift designation from the dropdown menu on the donation page when you click the donate button. If you choose not to designate your gift, your contribution will be directed to unrestricted funds which supports Labouré's greatest needs. If you have any questions about where or how to designate your gift, please email

How can I learn more about the Class Gift Council?

To learn more please email If you are graduating and you'd like to recommend a member of the Class of 2017 for their Class Gift Council, email

Thank you to all of our current Class of 2016 Graduating Class Legacy Donors!

Sybil Bleus ’16
Nicole Cola ’16
Shaina Curran ’16
Jillian Donovan ’16
Keara Hoonan ’16
Katie-Ann Izzo ’16
Eric Joubert ’16
Manuela Mumbi-Campbell ’16
Christina Olson ’16
Danielle Parker ’16
Arlene Roberts ’16
Clare Rochez ’16
Lorraine Simoneau ’16
Pauline Trenholm ’16
Casey Wornum ’16
Loren Valdez ’16
David Edinger ’16

Donate Now to Labouré College    


Tramaine Weekes
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
(617) 322-3522