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Gerontology Certificate
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Gerontology Certificate

Specialize in one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare industry.


What is gerontology?

Aging is a part of life, but with normal aging come various challenges - physical, mental, social, economic, and more. By studying gerontology, you will not only learn more about the aging process, but also learn how to face those challenges and improve the health of older adults. 

You can apply what you learn in the gerontology curriculum to multiple areas of the healthcare field, as well as outside the healthcare arena; understanding the needs of an older population is a transferable skill to almost any area of industry. 

Opportunities within the healthcare field may include working at long-term care facilities or assisted living, working with social services, community centers, adult day-care centers, health and fitness centers, and more. 

Combine your background in gerontology with a hands-on care certification or degree program for even more opportunities. 

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