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Laboure Alumni Spotlight: Sherisse Monteiro, HIT graduate

After beginning her career as a medical assistant, Sherisse Monteiro has embraced her new path in Health Information Technology (HIT) fully and now volunteers to help other HIT professionals develop in their roles.


How did you get into the health care field?

I have always been in healthcare and that will likely never change. I started out as a medical assistant covering the clinics during lunch time and manning the scheduling desk in a small OBGYN practice. I then went on to book surgeries at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital while studying Health Information Technology (HIT) at Labouré. I eventually landed an administrative job supporting Health Information Management (HIM) director at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where I got a ton of exposure to the HIM world.

Where are you working now?

I’m a Data Quality Coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital. I’m also the awards chair forMaHIMA.

What is your dream job in HIT?

HIM/HIT changes so much, but eventually I would like to consult and or manage projects and teach the next generation of HIM professionals.

What experiences did you have at Labouré that helped you prepare for your career in HIT?

I had to do a ton of presentations in front of my peers, now I am so comfortable doing it I regularly volunteer to do it at work and for MaHIMA.

Why did you choose Laboure’s HIT associate degree program?

The name was notable and I was told several times that it was a great school, it also was one of two schools who carried the major in the Boston area.

Describe a typical day as a Data Quality Coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Data Quality is flexible, on any given day I could be auditing, training, meeting with clinics regarding their forms and form design/documentation, scanning, correcting errors in the EHR or working on a special project or initiates recently assigned to my group. I don’t get to meet any patients in my role but I get to meet all different kinds of healthcare professionals from doctors to the equipment technicians. I like the variety in what I do, it can be a little crazy sometimes but it is a great learning experience.

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