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Statement Regarding the MA Board of Registration in Nursing Decision

Update July 13, 2023: We are thrilled to announce that Labouré College of Healthcare has obtained Approval with Warning status for our Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program as a result of our July 12th hearing with the Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN). We look forward to working with BORN to provide an exceptional educational experience and the best program possible for our students. 

Original Post June 23, 2023: On June 20, Labouré College of Healthcare received written notification from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN) indicating that it voted to withdraw approval of the College’s Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program. The College has petitioned BORN for a hearing to appeal this decision. BORN scheduled a hearing for July 12 and has agreed to stay its decision pending the outcome of that hearing.The BORN notification stated that Labouré students “that meet all program requirements by December 23, 2023, will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX exam.” NCLEX stands for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses.

Our students have always been and continue to be our number one concern and priority. Ensuring that there is a path forward for them to become registered nurses is our focus at this time.

Labouré is home to the oldest and largest associate level nursing degree in Massachusetts. 1,340 students are enrolled in our ASN program. Of these, approximately 1,000 will require placement in an alternate ASN program to complete their education if BORN does not reverse its decision. It is unlikely that local programs will have the capacity to absorb this number of nursing students.

We believe our case for appeal is strong and persuasive. Labouré’s program was placed on warning by BORN in September 2022 for not meeting the threshold of an 80% first-time pass rate in the NCLEX exam. Upon being placed on warning, significant steps were taken to assist our students. The cohort of students who graduated in December 2022 and took the NCLEX passed at a rate of 81%. Official scores from the second quarter indicate an 88.6% pass rate for first-time test takers. The improvements made to the Labouré ASN program are measurable, and they are having a direct impact on student success.

For our students, their degree is transformative. Our average student age is 35. Our students juggle multiple responsibilities, including work, raising children, going to school, and studying in order to improve their lives and those of their families. 63% live at or are approaching the federal poverty line. 51% are raising young children. Over 50% are currently working in Greater Boston as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), nurse aides, and medical assistants. For these students this degree breaks the cycle of poverty, impacting generations.

Almost all of our ASN students are Massachusetts residents - they are rooted in our local communities and their diversity directly mirrors Boston’s patient population. 67% of our students are people of color, and over 35% are multilingual. These attributes address the critical need for diversification of a predominantly white nursing labor pool on a greater scale than any competing nursing program in New England. Many are new to this country. They are hardworking adults who bring to their profession a maturity, cultural competence, dedication, and compassion that is unmatched.

Since 2019, through the pandemic, over 1,200 associate level nurses have graduated from Labouré and passed their NCLEX exam to become Registered Nurses (RNs). So far in 2023, the College has produced 102 RNs.

Massachusetts needs Labouré nursing students, today more than ever.

For more information:

Labouré College of Healthcare remains fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). The action by BORN affects only our Associate in Nursing degree program. All other Labouré degree and certificate programs, including the RN-BSN program, are not affected.

Labouré is holding information sessions with students, faculty, and staff to keep them apprised of this situation. Students should direct their questions to DivisionofNursing@laboure.edu 

Press Contact:
Katelyn Dwyer
Executive Director of Communications & Development
E: Katelyn_Dwyer@laboure.edu
P: 617.322.3535


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