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Safety measures

Health and safety protocols including daily COVID-19 symptom screenings and mask requirements are in place campus-wide. 

Students on campus

Information for Fall 2021

During Fall 2021, some students will continue to be fully remote, while others will be participating in lectures, labs/simulation labs, and/or clinical on campus or at a clinical facility. Programs and/or instructors will communicate with their students about on-campus vs. remote scheduling. 

Students returning to campus are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (or have an approved waiver).

Masks are required on campus at all times. 

The library will be open with limited seating capacity, and some academic support services will be available on campus, as well as online. Students are able to contact the Welcome Center and Student Success Center for in-person services on campus; all services will remain available remotely, as well.

Please review the information in the Activities, Access, and Procedures section below for details. 

Time on campus will follow health and safety protocols that include masking, daily COVID-19 symptom screening, and - if symptoms or potential exposures are reported - COVID-19 testing.  

Before returning to campus, all students must review the Student Acknowledgement Form accessible in the Student Reopening Info tab on my.laboure.edu.

You must log in to my.laboure.edu to access this form. You can also view a detailed description of the plan my.laboure.edu

Employees may access the detailed employee return plan on my.laboure.edu, under the Employee Reopening Info tab. 

It is important to note that our knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 virus will continue to evolve, and the college's policies and plans will be updated as appropriate as more information becomes available. 

Activities, Protocols, and Procedures:
Fall 2021

Students, faculty, and staff returning to campus must complete the symptom monitoring report every day prior to entrance into campus buildings. The symptom monitoring report is done via the CoVerified mobile app or web portal. 

If you have not yet accessed CoVerified, instructions for setting up your account and completing the daily monitoring are available in the Return to Campus plan on my.laboure.edu in the Student Reopening Info tab. 

You must be free of any symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 or have had evaluation and clearance by the Wellness Coordinator to be eligible to report to campus. You will show your CoVerified check-in to designated staff upon entry into the building. 

If you have symptoms, you must not report to campus. You must contact the Wellness Coordinator at wellnesscoordinator@laboure.edu or (617) 207-3621 for assessment and possible recommendation for COVID testing. 

Testing After Daily Health Screening

Students who have symptoms related to COVID-19 and/or determine that they need to be tested based on potential exposure are encouraged to contact the Wellness Coordinator at wellnesscoordinator@laboure.edu or (617) 207-3621 for guidance on testing. 

Students who have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher or who have any COVID-19 symptoms should self-isolate and will be required to take a COVID-19 test; it is also recommended that the student contact their primary care provider. The college will provide access to testing if not covered by the individual's health insurance plan. 

If the test is negative, the student must contact the Wellness Coordinator with test results for clearance to return to class. Students must be symptom-free to return to class.

If the test is positive, the student must contact the Wellness Coordinator with test results, and notify their instructor of any absence from class or clinical. 

Positive test results indicate that the student has COVID-19 and should not come to campus and should isolate at home. Students should keep in touch with the Wellness Coordinator and their instructors regarding clearance to return to campus. 

Students must communicate as quickly as possible to WellnessCoordinator@laboure.edu and their instructors if symptoms identified as possible connections to COVID-19 are determined. Students will not be penalized for absences due to COVID-19 illness or testing wait times, and arrangements will be made for make-up at no additional cost to the student.

The Wellness Coordinator will inform students of their next steps including possible testing and the length of time they will be unable to return to campus or clinical sites.

Make-up sessions are normally held at the end of the semester. 

  1. Complete your Symptom Monitoring report online via the CoVerified mobile app or web portal prior to traveling to campus. If you are symptom-free, you will receive approval to come to campus. If you report any symptoms, you must not come to campus, and you must contact the Wellness Coordinator and your instructor. 

  2. Students should enter campus buildings only through the student entrance -- the classroom building entry by Public Safety. 
  3. Masks are required at all times on campus grounds. Please don your mask before you get out of your car.   

  4. You may have designated routes to access the classes; please follow all posted or verbal instructions from faculty and staff. 

Masks are required at all times when on campus. 

Lunch/Dinner Breaks: Students must either leave the building for lunch/dinner breaks, or may go to designated classrooms if not eating. There will be no access to the student lounge or vending machines on campus for the Fall 2021 semester. Water will be available.

Library: The library will be open with limited seating capacity and study room availability. Reservations are recommended. Reservations can be made through the D!bs system - instructions for D!bs are on the Library Services tab of my.laboure.edu

Masks are required for students, faculty, and staff at all times on campus. This includes any reception/receiving area, walking in hallways, in break rooms, classrooms, labs, conference rooms, meeting rooms, outside on campus grounds, etc. 

Disposable masks will be provided by Labouré, if needed. 

Frequent handwashing will be encouraged, and required when entering or exiting the building, and entering and exiting classrooms. 

There will be frequent cleaning of commonly touched surfaces throughout clinical labs, classrooms, and throughout the building. 

The college will provide cleaning materials for students to wipe down items like bedside rails, lab/sim equipment, mannequins, and table surfaces after using them. 

Students may access on-campus resources including the Student Success Center (SSC), Welcome Center, and Library for in-person assistance. Please enter the campus through the student entrance. 

For students who are not on campus, or wish to access services remotely, remote access will remain available. Please use the contact information below: 

Welcome Center  
Phone: (617) 322-3517
Email: WelcomeCenter@laboure.edu

Financial Aid
Phone: (617) 322-3517
Email: FinancialAid@laboure.edu

Student Accounts
Phone: (617) 322-3517
Email: StudentAccounts@laboure.edu 

Student Success Center  
Phone: (617) 322-3579
Email: StudentSuccess@laboure.edu 

Health and Safety Records
Email: HealthAndSafetyRecords@laboure.edu 

Public Safety
Phone: (617) 322-3571

IT Helpdesk
Phone: (617) 322-3625

Email: library@laboure.edu

Wellness Coordinator
Phone: (617) 207-3621
Email: WellnessCoordinator@laboure.edu 


The Student Lounge will remain closed during Fall 2021. There will be no access to vending machines throughout campus, though water will remain available. 

Please plan accordingly by bringing any snacks or meals, or planning to utilize local businesses for food service. 

Questions about the general return to campus information? Contact communications@laboure.edu 

Questions for the Wellness Coordinator? 
Contact the Wellness Coordinator at wellnesscoordinator@laboure.edu or (617) 207-3621

COVID-19 Resources

Labouré College of Healthcare's Wellness Coordinator
(617) 207-3621

Return to Campus Overview

Return to Campus Information for Visitors and Prospective Students

For additional information and resources about COVID-19 from state and federal resources, please use the links below.

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