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    Personal Computing

    Your computer is an investment that will serve your academic needs throughout your time in college. Labouré students may elect to use either Apple or Windows computers.

    We do not have any specific hardware requirements so we offer these tips for students:
    •Try out a few computers at a retailer like Best Buy, MicroCenter, Target, or Walmart to see what is most comfortable.

    •Choose something that is solidly built and has an extended manufacturer's warranty. The computer should last for at least the duration of the student's enrollment.

    •Pay attention to the size and weight of the laptop. It needs to be both comfortable to use and transportable.

    •A backup device (cloud service, external hard drive, or flash drive) is highly recommended.

    •Avoid using iPads, Android tablets, and Chromebooks as primary devices.

    •Classroom podiums require an HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, or USB-C port on the laptop in order to connect. If the laptop does not have that connector, make sure to purchase an adapter.  


    Minimum Computer Specifications

    •Intel Core i5, AMD Ryzen 5, Apple M1, or newer processor
    •Windows 10/11 or one of the three newest versions of macOS (ChromeOS is not supported)
    •Minimum 8 GB of RAM (16 GB Recommended)
    •Minimum 128 GB of SSD storage (256 GB Recommended)
    •Tablets and Chromebooks are not supported
    •Microsoft Office (provided via your Labouré Microsoft Office 365 account)
    •Broadband Internet connection is recommended
    •Integrated Web-cam and microphone
    •Scanner (if required by program) Most but not all laptops produced in the past 3-4 years will meet the requirements above.

    If you have any questions as to whether your computer meets the requirements above, reach out to the IT Department for confirmation before the start of your course. 


    •As a part of the Office 365 program, an installation of Microsoft Office and a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office are available to all students.Documents can be saved and accessed, edited and shared using the student's OneDrive on any computer with an internet connection.
    It can be accessed by logging in to student webmail and selecting OneDrive from the top bar.
    •We offer 1TB of space in the cloud for students using OneDrive. It can be accessed from student webmail.
    •Virus protection is recommended for all computers. We recommend AVG AntiVirus Free for Windows and macOS. 

    Academic Discounts 

    Apple - Discounts can be found in Apple Retail Stores with a Labouré ID or online here.
    Dell - Click Here and enter your Labouré email address during checkout.
    HP  Click Here and register using your Labouré email address.
    Lenovo - Click Here and verify your eligibility though ID.me after adding the item to your cart.
    Samsung - Click Here and register using your Labouré email address.
    Microsoft - Click Here and sign in using your Labouré email address.

    Make sure to use your @students.laboure.edu email address when purchasing.

    Larger retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart do not typically offer discounts.