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Strategy for Success

Planning and enacting data-driven strategies for success at Labouré. 

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Transforming data into action.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports a coordinated process to plan and enact strategies based on data that has been critically interpreted and discussed widely. The office facilitates this process, which is responsive, timely, and grounded in a shared commitment to the learning outcomes for Labouré students and the mission of the college. 


To be the resource for information and insight that advances institutional quality by facilitating effective assessment processes and by providing Labouré College of Healthcare with accurate and reliable information for evidence-based planning decisions with the goal of creating tools to drive student success and inspiring a culture of continuous improvement.

Planning and Continuous Quality Improvement

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness advances and supports successful action planning and continuous quality improvement through the following activities and initiatives.

  • Maintaining compliance for all accrediting, licensing, and regulatory agencies, including technology expectations/standards for web-enhanced instruction

  • Conducting analytic work to answer strategic questions to assist campus decision makers

  • Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating data as needed for college policy- and decision-making 

  • Serving as the official clearinghouse for college data collected from internal college offices as well as external sources

  • Ensuring the college addresses its goals for the achievement of diversity, equity and inclusion among students and staff that fosters intellectual and personal development

  • Through periodic evaluation, supporting the college in demonstrating its resources are sufficient to sustain the quality of educational programs and to support institutional improvement in the future.

  • Initiating and conducting studies and surveys within the college community

  • Ensuring the results of assessment and quantitative measures of student success in the college’s efforts to improve curriculum and learning opportunities

  • Using assessment findings to inform planning and resource allocation and to establish claims the institution makes to student and prospective students

  • Supporting faculty and staff in curriculum development, assessment, and innovation in teaching and effective learning methodologies

  • Developing and maintaining the college’s institutional Dashboard and Fact Book

  • Providing proactive and strategic recommendations to maximize institutional effectiveness and excellence

  • Developing, reviewing, and improving College legal compliance processes, policies, and activities for all regulatory, licensing, and accrediting requirements

  • Overseeing and supporting college-wide Strategic Plan goals and objectives

For more information, please email InstitutionalEffectiveness@laboure.edu