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Financial Standing

Labouré College of Healthcare is fortunate to be well-positioned as a small, private college with strong financial resources.

The college has been fortunate to experience significant growth since moving to its current location in Milton, Massachusetts. The college has done strategic work over the past eight years to build its endowment and financial resources from approximately $9 million to a little under $24 million. This growth in financial resources enables the college to provide students with a rich college experience while investing in new academic resources.

Our most recent financial statements for fiscal year ending 06/30/2020 reviewed and certified by RSM, US, LLP, an independent third party, showed assets of $42,853,345, a financial reserve and endowment of $23,913,255, and cash and investments of $22,319,589.  

Labouré College of Healthcare’s assets and reserves is expected to grow further for the fiscal year ending 06/30/2021 providing us with greater financial resources that will support the college now and into the future. 

Financial Reports