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RN-BSN Common Questions

How is a hybrid class different from a traditional class?

A hybrid course offers you the flexibility to complete your courses while working. Most of your work from these courses will be done online. You will only meet as a class on-campus two or three times each semester.

How many classes will be required to complete the program?

There are a total of eight nursing courses and seven general education courses to complete the RN-BSN program.

How large are the classes?

Class size does not exceed 20 students, many of the nursing courses average less than 15 students.

Is the program accredited?

Yes. The RN-BSN program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

How long should it take to complete the RN-BSN program?

The length of the program depends on how many classes you would like to take each semester. Students may choose their own course load based on work and family commitments. Most students take one or two courses per semester. There is a curriculum sequence you need to follow for either a two-year or three-year completion. You may also choose to complete the curriculum in a shorter period of time, but should meet with the RN-BSN Chairperson to discuss this option.

Can credits be transferred from another college?

Yes. Transfer of credits from an accredited college will be considered if the course aligns with the RN-BSN curriculum. Transfer of credits is determined on an individual basis by Admissions. A minimum course grade of C (2.0) is required for transfer. Download a Transfer Credit Evaluation Form.

Is there a clinical component to the program?

The last nursing course, NUR 4335 Application of Evidence Based Nursing Practice and Practicum, has a mentoring experience. In this course, you will work with a nurse mentor, based on your area of interest in nursing.

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What is the minimum amount of credits that need to be completed at the College?

All students must complete a minimum of 45 credits at the College, regardless of the number of transfer credits awarded.

What about Financial Aid for RN-BSN students?

Financial aid is available for RN-BSN students. To learn more about your options, contact Financial Aid at financialaid@laboure.edu.

What computer skills are needed to take a hybrid class?

You must have basic computer skills for navigating the internet, usage of email and Microsoft programs especially Word and PowerPoint.

What is required for software to take hybrid classes?

Students can use either Windows XP or Macintosh OSX with at least 1GB. Students are responsible for maintaining their own personal computers. Computers are available for student usage in the library.

What computer support is offered to RN-BSN students?

E-Racer (the online classroom platform) support is provided at the College with walk in classes that are scheduled throughout the semester in the computer lab. The e-Racer support contact person is Daniel_Kleber@laboure.edu . There are also online videos/tutorials available on my.laboure.edu. Faculty is also available for meeting with a student if further support is needed.

How much time will be needed each week for a three credit hybrid class?

For each credit hour, you should plan on a minimum of three hours of class work each week. Thus a three credit course would equal at least nine hours of work for one class. The time spent in a hybrid class is different than a traditional, on-campus class, as there are required online postings and assignments in place of attending class at the College.

Who is available to answer questions I may have?

The One Stop Student Service Center is located at the front entrance of the campus. A Student Concierge is available to answer questions you may have. In the One-Stop, you will also find the Registrar, Admissions and Financial Aid. Academic advising is available, with both day and evening appointments, through the Center for Student Success and Teaching Excellence. Academic Advisers can assist you with selection of appropriate courses as well as academic program advice.

Questions? Call the One-Stop Student Service Center at (617) 322-3517.