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Radiation Therapy Named One of the Most Meaningful Jobs in America


Want to make a difference in the world? According to Payscale.com, Radiation Therapy is ranked as one of the most meaningful jobs in America. According to their survey, “93% find [radiation therapy] meaningful. [While] Radiation Therapists don’t earn nearly as much as surgeons, and certainly don’t have to spend as many years in school, but they are almost as likely to say their jobs are meaningful. And the pay isn’t exactly terrible – the typical Radiation Therapist earns over $70,000 per year.”

Pauline E. Clancy, MS, RT(T), CAGS, Chairperson of the Radiation Therapy program at Labouré College agrees that radiation therapists have a truly important role to play in healthcare noting that, “a cancer diagnosis is one of the most frightening and uncertain events in a patient’s life and radiation therapists are deeply involved in the process of cancer treatment if they receive radiation therapy. Patients rely on radiation therapists’ expertise in radiation delivery and along with emotional and spiritual support to get them through this tough time of their lives.” The connection with patients is something that Deirdre Clancy Hammel, BA, RT(T), Assistant Chairperson of the Radiation Therapy program at Labouré College also feels strongly about, saying ,“the nature of the profession of radiation therapy demands a continual evolution of knowledge and learning which is exciting, but most importantly (for me), what I’ve learned about resiliency of the human spirit and faith has made me a better person and very fulfilled in my career.”

Our graduates can also attest to what a rewarding career Radiation Therapy can provide. Lauren Cooper, the Chief Radiation Therapist at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth, MA and Labouré graduate, said, “I chose radiation therapy because I would be able to care for patients and have a rewarding career in just 3 years. I was originally planning on returning to my goal of going to medical school but I enjoy every minute of what I do now and couldn’t imagine doing anything different.”

Ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? Learn more about our Radiation Therapy program by contacting Admissions at admissions@laboure.edu

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