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Student Spotlight: Saralynne Donovan, Radiation Therapy student


Saralynne Donovan discovered her calling after witnessing the incredible positive impact of the compassionate care her mother received during treatment for lung cancer. Today, Saralynne works part-time while attending Labouré College for Radiation Therapy. 

What is your job now?  What is your dream job in radiation therapy? 

I currently work part-time in retail management. My dream job in radiation therapy would have to be at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, although I have really enjoyed every clinical site Labouré has offered. 

Why did you choose to go into radiation therapy?

My decision to go into radiation therapy came from my mother and her battle with lung cancer. I took on the role as caretaker and learned more about cancer than I honestly wanted to. I saw first hand the impact the doctors, nurses, and radiation therapist had on my mothers fight. Their upbeat positive attitudes are truly what I strive to emulate when I become a radiation therapist one day. I hope to ease any family’s fear while going through what is probably the most challenging time of their lives.

Tell me about your journey to radiation therapy.

I first earned a degree in Business Management and Marketing from UMass Boston. I got my first job out of college in digital media marketing, then transitioned into sales management. While working fulltime I also taught pilates on the side. This lead me to start teaching a class called “Moving Towards Wellness”, which is geared towards helping cancer survivors regain strength and range of motion. I never imagined going into the health care field and now I can’t imagine anything but radiation therapy! 

Why did you choose to attend Labouré for your radiation therapy degree? 

I chose Labouré for a number of reasons. It’s convenient for me as it’s only a mile away from my house and it was the least expensive out of all three local colleges I looked at. I also like the small class sizes and that they could accommodate my transfer credits.

What experiences have you had at Labouré that helped you prepare for your career in radiation therapy?

The experience that most helped me prepare for my career in radiation therapy is all the clinical exposure we get. I admit the amount of hours we put in sounds grueling, but I wouldn’t change one thing about it. Clinical is where everything makes sense to me and where we get the hands on experience. It’s not just about the technical skills we learn but most importantly the patient interaction and the relationships we build.

What advice do you have for others who are considering a career in radiation therapy?

My advice for anyone is considering a career in radiation therapy is to make sure your heart is in it. If that’s the case, then you won’t feel like you’re working a day in you life. I believe you need to genuinely have compassion and a passion for helping sick people to excel in this field. I like to remember that God gave us two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Want to learn about how you can have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients with cancer? Click here to learn more about Radiation Therapy.


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