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Student Spotlight: Marie Blaise, ASN Student

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Marie Blaise isn’t new to healthcare. Starting her career as a medical assistant, she went on to work as both an EKG technician and phlebotomist and now she is a patient service representative at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. But she’s always wanted to do more for her patients and that passion led her to Labouré. 

Going back to school seemed like a risky move to Blaise, who is the primary financial provider for her three children and mother. “A friend asked me why I hadn’t gone after my goal of becoming a nurse. I told him I couldn’t afford it.” But with an associate’s degree in science, Blaise already had already laid the foundation for success and after continued urging from her friend, Blaise contacted Labouré.

“Other colleges weren’t calling me back and when I called Labouré, everyone immediately began helping me from the front desk to financial aid to my professors. I’ve never seen anything like that. Going to back to school may be expensive, but it’s worth it. At Labouré, you are putting your money somewhere where they care about you and your success.” Her ultimate goal is to continue her education with a BSN and MSN, eventually becoming a nurse practitioner for patients afflicted by cardiovascular diseases.

Like many working mothers, Blaise wears many hats and balancing her full-time job, children, and classes is a delicate dance. “I’m taking most of my general education classes online. The online classes require significant time management, but what has been helpful for me is to actually stay at work after I’m done for the day and do my homework here. Thankfully, my mother is at home to help me 24/7 and I have the support of my friends who are pushing me to keep going.” 

January 2017 offers Blaise the opportunity she’s been waiting for- she begins clinical rotation for her associate’s degree in nursing. “This is my new chapter.”

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