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Labouré Student Spotlight: Jenn Mullen, student in the BSN program


“Nursing is a wonderful profession. It has allowed me to have a very flexible schedule while raising a family. I never wanted a career that took me away from my family 5 days a week. Nursing allows me the flexibility to earn a good pay with competitive benefits, but still be home more often than I am at work.”

Learn about Labouré's RN-BSN program designed especially for the working nurse.

Jennifer was initially attracted to Labouré through tuition incentives that were offered through her employer, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton. She soon discovered that the price, convenience of online learning, and location made Labouré College a good choice for her to further her education while working as an RN in the NICU at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and managing her family commitments. An RN for almost 20 years, Jennifer said, “a big fear and obstacle of returning for my BSN was my age and how long it had been since I have been in school. Many of us are being urged to obtain a BSN so long after graduating. It can be a frightening step to take.”

Jenn found support and encouragement during her time in the RN-BSN program. Faculty like John Ball, statistics professor, invested so much time in Jenn and all of his students, even serving as a resource after the class ended. The subjects she studied also inspired Jenn, especially when she learned about a social advocate and mother who now runs a non-profit that has been featured on major television networks.

Jenn continues her professional development as a representative on the committee for the Massachusetts Nurses Association at St. Elizabeth’s. She said, “I have always tried to advocate for the nurses on my unit and was a union representative which allowed me to act as a liaison between staff and our committee. Being asked to sit on the committee allows me to be involved in the negotiations that govern our contract, and hopefully, be a voice for my coworkers.”

Jenn says she learned how to advocate for herself and others while at Labouré. There is often more than one correct answer to a problem and if you can defend your opinions with scientific data or research - you can change things, whether it is a grade at school, a policy at work or procedure that you perform. Looking back, Jenn says that the BSN curriculum at Laboure has prepared her for new opportunities in nursing like management. Going back to school allowed her to be a great advocate and leader for her fellow nurses, but more importantly, a support, inspiration, and example for her family.

Jenn’s Favorite Quote: “If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much.” ~ Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


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