Q: How do I change my address/email/name?

A: Complete a Change of Information Form. This form is also available at the Welcome Center.
Please note: if it is a name change, a legal document with your new name on it is required (e.g., Driver's license or marriage certificate).

Q: How can I get an Official Transcript?

A: Complete a Transcript Request Form. This form is also available at the Welcome Center. Official Transcripts are processed within 1-2 business days, then either picked up by the student or mailed as requested (official transcripts cannot be faxed or emailed).
Please Note: in order to receive an official transcript you must not have an outstanding balance.
You can email the Registrar's Office directly at registrar@laboure.edu.

Q: How do I get an Unofficial Transcript?

A: Current students can obtain unofficial transcripts at any time by logging into my.laboure.edu. Click on the Student Tab; listed in the left-hand column, you will see "Print Unofficial Transcript".

If you are not a current student and would like to obtain an unofficial transcript, please contact the Welcome Center, (617)322-3517 or email registrar@laboure.edu.

Q: How do I get an enrollment letter for my employer or childcare provider?

A: Complete a Letter of Enrollment Request Form. This form is also available at the Welcome Center. Enrollment letters are processed within 2-3 business days.


Q: Can I receive my Labouré records if I have outstanding financial obligations?

A: Labouré College of Healthcare reserves the right to withhold the following records and services from students, former students, and/or alumni whose financial obligations to Labouré College of Healthcare are due and/or unpaid:

1. Credits
2. Re-enrollment eligibility
3. Educational services
4. Academic transcripts
5. Diplomas
6. Verification and/or confirmation of enrollment
7. Verification and/or confirmation of attendance
8. Verification and/or confirmation of graduation
9. Certification of academic records

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, and that Labouré College of Healthcare reserves the right to withhold copies of additional types of student records as a result of non-payment on behalf of students, former students, and/or alumni. Any outstanding financial obligations to Labouré College of Healthcare must be resolved with Student Accounts. 

Q: How do get a Loan Deferment Form processed?

A: Filling out a deferment form is typically not necessary; Labouré College of Healthcare submits a monthly report to the National Student Clearing House. Please mention this to your loan company. A majority of the loan companies use the National Student Clearing House database to determine the status of a student. If you need this deferment paperwork for another reason, please complete the Letter of Enrollment Request Form.

Q: How do I get a Mass Transitional Form/Unemployment Sec. 30 form filled out?

A: Complete a Letter of Enrollment Request Form and attach any additional forms to be completed. This form is also available at the Welcome Center. Forms are processed within 3-4 business days, then faxed and mailed to the appropriate government agency. The original paperwork is then mailed back to the student.

Q: How do I get my student ID and password to log on to the student Website, my.laboure.edu ?

A: Student ID's and passwords are included in acceptance packets sent to new students by the Admissions Department.
If you have forgotten your student ID or password, please contact the Welcome (617)322-3517 or email WelcomeCenter@laboure.edu

Q: When can I register for classes?

A: A detailed registration schedule is emailed to current students a week or two prior to registration. This information is also available at the Welcome Center at that time. Registration will begin as posted in the Academic Calendar

Q: How do I register or drop a class?

A: Once new students have paid his/her deposit fee and met with an advisor he/she will be able to register on the Labouré student website my.laboure.edu. Current students can register online once the registration period begins as outlined above.

Courses can be added or dropped online until the first day of classes for that semester. However, after the first day of classes, students must contact an Advisor at the Student Success Center (SSC) to drop a course during the Adjustment Period.
Watch a tutorial video on how to register and drop courses

Q: Should I meet with an Advisor before I register?

A: New students are required to meet with an Advisor before registering for classes. Current students are encouraged to do so, but it is not required.
To make an appointment with an Advisor, contact (617) 322-3579 or StudentSuccess@laboure.edu

Q: The course that I would like to take is full, is there a waitlist?

A: Yes. All courses have waitlists. When you are registering and the course is full, you will have the option to be put on the waitlist. This will be reflected in your student schedule. As an opening occurs, the Associate Registrar will place the next available student on the waitlist into the course. Students will be contacted of this change.

Please note: For NUR1015, NUR1025, NUR2005, and NUR2025 the waitlist criteria is determined by the Nursing Division. Priority is given to students who have completed all/most of their arts and sciences courses.

Q: How do I register for my Nursing clinical site?

A: Clinical rotation assignments will be decided by the Nursing Department; communications relevant to clinical assignments will be emailed to students by the Nursing Department.

Q: I'm trying to register for a class and I received a time conflict message; it's only 15 minutes for a hybrid. Can this be overridden?

A: Because all class time is important, time conflicts cannot be overridden for any reason.

Q: I registered for classes; how do I print my schedule?

A: Student schedules can be viewed and printed on the student website my.laboure.edu under the student tab.

Q: Is a hybrid course entirely online?

A: Hybrid courses meet in person 3-4 times per semester (on average). Your instructor will include this information in the course syllabus.

Q: How do I know which courses are hybrid or online when registering?

A: Hybrid courses are identified by an H after the course number (for example: ENG2050 B H) and online courses are identified by an O after the course number (for example: ENG2050B O).

Q: How do I withdraw from a class?

A: Students who wish to withdraw from a class after the Course Adjustment Period must contact the Welcome Center or an Academic Advisor. The last date to withdraw from classes is listed on the Academic Calendar for each semester. All withdrawals after the adjustment period will result in a "W" on transcripts.

Q: Will I get a refund if I withdraw from my class?

A: A refund calculation will be based on the student's last date of attendance, as verified by the Registrar's Office, which is based on information provided by the course instructor. Tuition will be credited to the student account when you drop a course or withdraw from the College. The refund schedule is located here and in the Labouré College Catalog & Student Handbook.

Q: Why isn't the course I want being offered this semester?

A: Labouré College of Healthcare seeks to offer all of its courses regularly. For various reasons, certain courses may not be offered in a particular term. If a course you wish is not being offered, please contact an Advisor who will be able to help you with your schedule.

Q: How do I withdraw from the College?

A: Students who wish to withdraw from the College can download the Notification of Withdrawal Form. Students are strongly encouraged to contact an Advisor.

Q: Where can I locate a course catalog?

A: Download the Labouré College of Healthcare Catalog & Student Handbook.

Q: Can I receive transfer credit for courses taken at another college after I begin a program?

A: As long as college residency requirements are met, students may transfer up to seven (7) credits from other institutions after enrolling in the College. Students wishing to take a course for transfer credit from another institution after enrolling at Labouré College of Healthcare must seek prior approval from the Director of Admissions. 

Admissions can be reached at (617) 322-3575 or admissions@laboure.edu, or by checking in at the Welcome Center. 

All students must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Labouré College of Healthcare, regardless of the number of transfer credits awarded.

Q: What immunization records do I need to provide?

A: All students must submit their MMR, Hep B, Varicella (“history of chickenpox” is not accepted), and TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) immunizations for review within 30 days of registering. All students need a TDAP every 10 years. Students enrolled in a Clinical Course need to provide proof of receiving the current seasonal flu shot and be tested for tuberculosis (PPD) yearly. Students who have tested positive for tuberculosis in the past need to provide a chest x-ray every five years and submit the Symptom Review Form, annually.  All forms related to Health and Safety Compliance can be found on the my.laboure.edu page under the tab ‘Downloadable Forms’. Students receive updates on status via email.  You may contact Health and Safety Records at (617) 322-3579 or healthandsafetyrecords@laboure.edu. 

Q: If I don't have internet access at home, are there computers on campus?

A: Computers are always available for use in the Library (C301).

Q: Where is the bookstore?

A: Books can be purchased online at http://laboure.textbookx.com.

Labouré College of Healthcare offers an extended line of credit when you purchase your books through the virtual bookstore, the book charges will be applied to your account. Approximately 30 days prior to the start of a term, you will receive an email on how you can purchase books through the Labouré College of Healthcare Online Bookstore.

Q: How will I pay for the courses?

A: Your tuition bill is due on the 15th of the month prior to the start of a semester. In advance of registration, plan which courses you would like to select and determine how you expect to pay for the courses. Please review the College's tuition and fees and the Labouré College of Healthcare Catalog & Student Handbook.

If you are relying on financial aid to cover a portion of your student account, make sure your financial aid eligibility has been determined and you have submitted all required paperwork to the Financial Aid Department before the semester deadline. Please contact the Welcome Center to check the status of your financial aid at financialaid@laboure.edu or (617) 322-3517.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: Before the term payment due date, you will need to do one of the following for any balance due not covered by financial aid: pay in full or sign-up for the Nelnet payment plan (see instructions below). You could be dropped from your courses if you don't complete either of the above by bill due date. The bill due dates are as follows:

  • April 15 (Summer)
  • August 15 (Fall)
  • December 15 (Spring)

Q: How do I pay in full?

A: Tuition balances can be paid in full at the Welcome Center or on the student website. Labouré College of Healthcare accepts personal checks and money orders (made payable to Labouré College) as well as credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). Any returned checks are subject to a $30 fee.

Q: What is the Nelnet payment plan? How do I sign up?

A: To help you meet your educational expenses, Labouré College of Healthcare is pleased to offer the Automatic Payment Plan serviced by Nelnet Business Solutions as a convenient budget plan.

How it works:

Your student account balance will be divided into 4 equal payments to be made throughout the term. Payments will be automatically debited from your checking account or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) on the 20th of each month.

  • Fall payments: August, September, October & November
  • Spring payments: December, January, February & March
  • Summer payments: April, May, June & July

Deadlines to Enroll:

  • Fall: August 15
  • Spring: December 15
  • Summer: April 15

How to Enroll:

  • Sign-in to the Labouré Student website
  • Click on Student Tab at the top of the screen
  • On the left hand side – click on My Account Information
  • Click on My Account Balances and scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click to be directed to the Nelnet enrollment page
  • Follow the directions carefully, once enrolled you will receive a confirmation email from Nelnet

Costs to Participate in the Plan per Semester:

  • $25 enrollment fee will be added to your balance.
  • $30 charge on any returned check and/or declined credit charges.
  • If paying by credit card, there will be a 2.75% fee added to each payment.

Important Information:

  • Be advised: all financial aid, scholarships and discounts are subject to you fulfilling the requirements to qualify. You are responsible for the difference should you not meet the qualifications.
  • Any requested changes to your Nelnet Payment Plan (adjustments/cancellations) must be made at least 4 business days before the next scheduled debit (usually, this is the 16 of the month).
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by or call us at (617)322-3517. We are happy to help you.

Q: If I have a question about my student account, whom should I contact?

A: The Welcome Center can help with any student account questions. Students can also view their student account statements at any time on the student website under the student tab.

Q: Can I view my Financial Aid online?

A: You can review your financial aid online. You will log in using your student ID and the password you set up for this site. If you have not set up a password or if you forgot your password you can select the First-Time User link or Forgot Password link on the website. This website will allow you to view and download any missing forms, as well as view and accept your financial aid.

Q: What are the Library hours?

A: Please review the Library page here. 

Q: I just took my final exam, when will my grade for the course be posted?

A: Instructors are required to post final grades within 3 days of the final exam. Once posted, students can view their final grades on the student website my.laboure.edu.