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2nd Annual Honors Convocation


Father John Stagnaro shared insights from his 40 years of ministry and teaching with the students, faculty, and staff at the 2nd annual honors convocation. Father John began his career as a Boston diocesan priest in 1976. Over the course of his ministry, Father John served as teacher, principal, and now as a faculty member and chaplain at Labouré College. He gave this example to explain how vocation, “our true calling”, can appear at the most unexpected of times.

“While I was completing my first year of quiet parish life, I was recruited to come to Labouré College to teach several courses while the priest who was on the faculty here went on a Sabbatical. When he decided to retire for reasons of health, I was asked if I would consider staying. A request from the College president to Cardinal Law and an interview with him about my interest in the position were completed. THIS WAS NOT MY PLAN. GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??

This year I will mark my sixteenth year as a faculty member of Laboure College and my fortieth year as a priest. Little did I know what my journey would be.

I share my story with you today, not because I want you all to become priests or nuns. But to remind you that LIFE is a journey.

And to reflect with you about a simple fact:

That we have all been given a task to accomplish with our own lives. We all need to be reminded, in this school at this time, both students and faculty of Labouré College. We have all been given an important vocation. It is based on a simple principle:

Health care professionals should love what they do.”

You can watch the entirety of Father John’s talk about excellence and vocation here.

As part of the honors convocation, administrator, faculty, and students are invited to present projects, papers, and research that they have been working on. The works presented included the following:


Clancy, Pauline, and others, 2015. Daily patient setup error in prostate guided radiation therapy with fiducial-based kilovoltage onboard imaging and conebeam computed tomography.

Cullen, Joseph, and others, 2015. Reducing use of physical restraint: a pilot study investigating a relationship-based crisis prevention curriculum.

DeCiccio, Al, 2015. The right time for the laboratory as educational model.

Richman, Katherine, 2014. Salvation in “Catholic Boston”: Father Leonard Feeney and Saint Benedict center, 1941-1949, abstract.

Salvucci, Christine, 2015. A comparison of associate degree nursing students’ Kaplan Diagnostic Examination scores to first-time NCLEX-RN outcomes.


Morgan, Tyana, 2016. A brief overview of history management and holistic care of Sickle Cell disease: a summary of the disease.

Gilbertson, Kaitlyn, 2016. Effects of breast cancer in young women.

You can view the full monograph here.





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