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Clinical Placement

In the associate-level nursing program, you will reinforce your theoretical education by practicing clinical skills in a variety of acute care settings.

Labouré is committed to preparing individuals to deliver patient-centered care as members of an interdisciplinary team. Quality improvement approaches and the use of information technology are important elements of clinical education at Labouré.

What is clinical like?

Clinical education will begin in your first nursing course - NUR 1015: Fundamental Health Concepts. This is your hands-on training in becoming a nurse. You'll begin in the skills labs and simulation labs on campus before moving on to live patients outside the lab. Through simulation technology, you can practice and learn patient care on high-fidelity manikins before working with live patients at clinical sites across the Boston, North Shore, and South Shore areas. This is a low-stress but highly effective way to practice and build confidence before you begin working with real patients.

Each professional nursing course includes 12-15 hours per week of clinical/lab time in addition to about 5 hours of classroom theory. Your clinical hours will take you to a variety of sites over your four professional nursing courses, and as you learn about different skills, different types of patients, and different health concepts that affect your patients at different times in their lives. 

Clinical affiliations for nursing may include:

  • Carney Hospital, Boston, MA
  • Good Samaritan Medical Center, Brockton, MA
  • Norwood Hospital, Norwood, MA
  • Quincy Medical Center, Quincy, MA
  • Steward® Home Care, Norwood, MA
  • St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston, MA
  • Children's Hospital Boston, Boston, MA
  • New England Medical Center, Boston, MA
  • Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Newton, MA
  • South Shore Hospital, Weymouth, MA
  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, Boston, MA
  • VA Boston Healthcare System, Boston, MA

Learn more about this program

You'll be able to download our program info sheet and receive an email from our Admissions team with information about the admissions process, tuition, courses, and more.