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Radiation Therapy Curriculum

As a radiation therapy student, you will study the principles of radiation and how they are applied to developing a treatment plan for patients. You will also study related medical fields such a pathology (the study of disease), oncology (the study of cancer), and radiobiology (how cells react to treatment). Radiation physics and mathematics used in treatment planning are also part of the program, as are techniques of diagnostic radiology. Because patient contact is a large part of radiation therapy practice, our program includes the study of ethics and emotional and psychological issues in the field. 

Associate in Science in Radiation Therapy

Professional Courses

RTT 1100 Introduction to RTT and Medical Terminology
RTT 114C RA - Clinical Education
RTT 1110 Treatment Techniques
RTT 1170 Applied Mathematics and Basic Physics
RTT 1200 Introduction to Patient Care
RTT 124C RA - Clinical Education
RTT 1270 Principles of Math and Physics
RTT 2100 Introductory Pathophysiology and Radiobiology
RTT 214C RA - Clinical Education
RTT 2170 Radiation Physics I
RTT 2200 Radiation Oncology
RTT 224C RA - Clinical Education
RTT 2270 Radiation Physics II
RTT 2290 Seminar Radiation Therapy
RTT 100P RA - Clin Practicum I
RTT 200P RA - Clin Practicum II

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General Education Courses

ANA 1010 Anatomy and Physiology I
ANA 1120 Anatomy and Physiology II
RES 1010 Research Skills
ENG 1010 English Composition
PHI 1010 Ethics
PSY 1010 Introductory Psychology
SSC 1050 Fundamentals of Healthcare Delivery
ENG 2000 English Elective
THE 2000 Theology Elective

(Total: 70 credits)
Students may choose to take three or more years to complete this program based on work schedules or family responsibilities. With this option, General education courses are taken before the professional course sequence.