In order to be accepted into the Associate in Science in Radiation Therapy degree program, applicants must meet the general College admission requirementsAND the program specific criteria and requirements listed below.

Admission Criteria
Applicants must complete the following prerequisite courses with a grade of C, or higher:

High School Applicants:
Applicants currently enrolled in high school, or have graduated high school within the last five years and have no college experience

  • Mathematics: two years
  • Science: one year of laboratory sciences (Biology or Chemistry)
  • SAT scores may be submitted, but are not required 

Transfer Applicants:
Applicants with some college background

  • Mathematics: one college-level mathematics class (such as College Algebra or Statistics)
  • Science: one four-credit college-level life science with a laboratory section


 Admission Requirements

  • All official transcripts must be submitted
  • Complete the Clinical Site Acknowledgment form
  • Attend an information session
  • Write a 1-page essay. Your essay must: 
    • Describe the research you have completed regarding the differences within the radiologic science fields listed below. In your essay, write a brief description of each of the following: 
      • Radiation Therapist
      • Radiologic Technologist
      • Magnetic Resonance Technologist
      • Nuclear Medical Technologist
      • Ultrasound Technician
    • Include links to two YouTube videos that you have found and viewed that explain how a patient is treated using radiation therapy, and the daily duties of a radiation therapist. Add these links to the bottom of your essay.
The purpose of the essay is to make sure you understand the differences between the fields listed above, and to explain in your own words why radiation therapy is the field of study you wish to pursue, and how you feel that you would be a good fit in this profession.

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